Coaching dogs
with kindness

What We Offer

Training your dog doesn’t have to be frustrating or stressful.
Positive reinforcement makes training fun and creates a bond between you and your dog! We tailor our training program to fit your goals and needs. With consistency and communication, you can have the kind of relationship with your dog that you've always dreamed of!

Why Choose Us?

Our Promise

We promise to show your dog love and compassion using only science-based, humane, positive reinforcement training techniques. We will never cause pain or harm to your dog, physically or psychologically.

Our Commitment

You will never be subjected to a one-size-fits-all approach. We treat all dogs and guardians as individuals. We work with your unique strengths and challenges to shape the behaviors that are important to you. 

What We Do

Private Coaching
Do you want a highly effective coaching experience? Private lessons are perfect for you! Our specialty is working with dogs who have behavior challenges. Packages available.
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Group Training
Talk about real life distractions! Group class is designed to teach your dog everything from essential house manners to real world scenarios they may encounter. 
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Gentle Nail Grooming
Nail trimming does not have to be a nightmare! Using Fear Free strategies and nearly two decades of experience, nail trimming can be quick and easy. 
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