Group Classes

Our group classes are not the chaotic, one-size-fits-all approach that you may have dreaded in the past. Our classes are limited to six dogs maximum and their families. Instead of working exclusively indoors, we take our class outside to various locations to get deep into real-world training scenarios. All dogs can perform indoors, but it's when we branch out and make our training context independent that the real magic happens. 

Children are encouraged to participate in the training of their dogs, coaching is truly a family affair!

Classes are great for puppies through the senior years. For our basic manners class, puppies are learning everything from scratch. Older dogs or recent adoptees can refresh their skills and hone new ones. Everyone can work at their own pace and everyone gets individual attention from the coach. 

Advanced classes are offered to basic manners graduates. These can include everything from more challenging real world scenario training to fun activities like targeting, agility, off leash adventuring, and nose work. 

Contact for information on enrolling in the next class. 

Service Area: Greater Chattanooga Tennessee and NW Georgia 
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